Dani Dorchin

dani dorchin“…But a duo is a big band compared to one of the smallest and most vigorous projects in contemporary Israeli music: Dani Dorchin’s one-man band. I first heard Dorchin sing and play the harmonica about a year ago at a concert by the American blues singer KM Williams. Dorchin was only the accompanist of the warm-up performer, Noam Dayan, but even from that lowly status he stood out as a talented, passionate musician.

Not long after that show, he entered a studio with the producer Uri Werthein and recorded a splendid album, titled, aptly, “One Man Band.” Dorchin is the only musician in the “band” – he plays electric guitar, harmonica and a small set of drums simultaneously (apparently working the drums with a foot). He also sings – with the same passion he exhibited in the concert – rough, dirty songs that fuse blues with garage rock.

When you listen to the album without seeing Dorchin perform, the fact that he is doing everything alone and live is not self-evident. Only the raw beating of the foot on the drum testifies to the unusual format, and even if the drumbeats have a certain woodenness about them, this does not in the least detract from the tremendous enjoyment the album provides. On stage it must be even more exciting.”

(Ben Shalev, “Ha’aretz”)

“Dani Dorchin is probably the best one man band I’ve heard in years… He has the unique

capability of allowing a listener to close both eyes, soak in the music, and wonder… “how can one human being actually do that, live?”.

I think, as the years go by, as it takes so many to interpret the great American country blues artists that have possessed this young man’s heart, Dani will go down as one of the most talented simultaneous-multi-instrumentalist in history.

Just my opinion, Richard Johnston.”

(Richard Johnston, One Man Band)