Batur Sönmez

batur sönmezBatur Sönmez is an experimental, electronic, industrial, noise, avant-garde musician and audio-visual artist focus on sound art, video art, installation, multimedia, films, soundtrack, etc.
He is also a curator, organizer, producer in Istanbul, Turkey as Transmit audio visual arts.

He started his first experimental, electronic, noise, industrial music projects in 1998. He is founder & owner of Analog Suicide, Noiseistanbul, Transmit audio visual arts, Transmit Records, Spektro Festival, Signals From Outside, Noiseistanbul Meetings, etc.
Many other experimental, electronic, industrial, noise music and contemporary art projects, events run by Batur Sonmez.

Nowadays, He is into all kind of experimental, electronic, industrial, noise, ambient, drone, improvised, minimal, space music, field recordings, soundscape, avant-garde , contemporary music.
Batur Sönmez has some new projects just under his real name.
He always works on contemporary music and art with new ideas and concepts.

played & organized a lot of experimental, electronic, industrial, noise, avant-garde music live events in Turkey since 1999.
participated Phonem International Electronic Music Festival in Istanbul , 2004.
participated 23.rd Contemporary Artists Istanbul in 2004.

He is curator & organizer of several experimental, electronic, noise, avantgarde music events in Istanbul, Turkey.
He has organized experimental, electronic, noise, avant-garde music live event series called “Signals From Outside” since 2006.
30 concerts until now with international experimental musicians from abroad.
He organized the international experimental music & film festival in Istanbul called “Spektro – International Experimental Music & Film Festival” in 2007 – 2008 – 2009.
He started to organize a new experimental, electronic, noise, avant-garde music live event series called “Noiseistanbul Meetings” in 2011
12 concerts until now.

Japan 2006, Russia 2006, Europe (2 times) 2007, Latvia & Lithuania 2008, Europe 2008, Japan 2009,Germany 2009, Lebanon 2010, Greece 2010.

Festivals: ( Participated )
Phonem Electronic Music Festival – Istanbul 2004, Le Placard Japan Festival – Tokyo 2006, Noise Festival – St.Petersburg 2006, Noise Festival – Ljubljana 2007, Noise Festival – Veneto 2007, Spektro Festival – Istanbul 2007, MEM Festival – Bilbao 2007, Kargart International Video Festival – Istanbul 2008, Skanu Mezs Festival – Riga 2008, Tabula Rasa Festival – Santiago De Compostela 2008, Kreuztanbul Festival – Berlin 2008, Noise Central Festival – Utrecht 2008, Wroclaw Industrial Festival – Wroclaw 2008, Interpenetration Festival – Graz 2008, Against Extreme Music Festival – Fukuoka 2009, Schlagstrom Festival – Berlin 2009, Avantgarde Festival – Schiphorst 2009, Spektro Festival – Istanbul 2009, Worldtronics Festival – Berlin 2009, Athens Electronic Music Festival – Athens 2010