Art Diktator

art diktatörArt Diktator; is an electro act from Istanbul, which was created by Hakan Nurcanlı.

Hakan Nurcanlı has taken the title ”Art Diktator” in 1997, as the leader of his previous darkwave/industrial/fetish band Neoplast. Within 11 years of activity; sometimes as solo, sometimes as a band with the members who returned, Art Diktator continued his works under the name of Neoplast. When Neoplast definitely disbanded at the end of 2008, he started to use only ”Art Diktator” for his one man works, then Adviye has joined him and they continued to use it as the band’s name.

Combining the dark lyrics with the high energy music, Art Diktator describe their genre as ‘‘dark energy’’. However, while the energy and attitute remains the same; expect the unexpected from them.

Live performances are the highlight of their project. If you have never seen them live before, you would never know them truly.

Besides their music; the band uses visuals, drawn by Art Diktator, accompanies to band’s live performance which are consist of futurism, individualism, nature, sex, religion, violance, fetishism, bondage, abnormalities, and death.

Art Diktator is not only a band. It’s a spiritual and visual movement with a strong attitude. Brief way of self-expression, way of survival…

Welcome to Art Diktator’s provocative world!